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ELT3004 Teaching Young Learners

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ELT3004 Teaching Young Learners ders notu

ELT3004 Teaching Young Learners

Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Çocuklara İngilizce Öğretimi

İngilizce Öğretmenliği Çocuklara İngilizce Öğretimi ders notudur.

Çocuklara ingilizce öğretimi ders notudur.

Proceduralization, making new grammar ready for instant and fluent use in communication, requires practice in choosing and using the form to express meaning.

Çocuklara ingilizce öğretimi (ELT3004) ders notu içeriği:

  • theme based teaching and learning
  • variations on a theme
  • choosing a theme based teaching for fl classrooms
  • planning theme-based teaching
  • brainstorming
  • learning through theme-based teaching
  • outcomes and products from TBL
  • increasing target lang use in TBL
  • learning through stories
  • discourse organizastion
  • language use
  • language learning task
  • developing task around story
  • children learning a foreign language
  • taking a learning
  • centered perspective
  • Piaget
  • implication of piagetion theory for language learning
  • age and second language learning
  • learning language through tasks and activities
  • types of task demands
  • balancing demands and supports
  • learning the spoken language
  • Vygotsky
  • Bruner
  • shot activities for learning the spoken language
  • diagulas
  • learning grammar
  • internal grammer
  • development of the internal grammar
  • from words to grammar
  • influence of the first language
  • learning centered approach to teaching grammar
  • teaching grammar as explicit fules
  • communicative approach
  • proceduralization
  • principles for learning-centered grammar teaching
  • supporting grammar learning
  • guided noticing activities
  • learning literacy skills
  • reading as depent on visual, phonological and jemantic information
  • language experience aproach

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