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Fizyoloji İskelet Kası - Physiology Skeletal Muscle

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Fizyoloji İskelet Kası - Physiology Skeletal Muscle ders notu

Fizyoloji İskelet Kası - Physiology Skeletal Muscle

İstanbul Medipol Üniversitesi FİZYOLOJİ

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Fizyoloji ders notudur.

In healthy/normal conditions (voluntary situation) contraction of skeletal muscle controlled by motor neurons. Chemical signals in the form of a NT released from the motor neuron to the skeletal muscle triggers the contraction mechanism ON the skeletal muscle. (initiates the mechanism)

Fizyoloji ders notu içeriği:

  • muscle
  • skeletal muscle contraction mechanism
  • sarcomere arrangement
  • ion channells
  • contracture
  • SERCA pump
  • motor unit
  • muscle twitch
  • contraction types for skeletal muscle
  • muscle fatigue
  • skeletal muscle fiber types

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