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Fizyoloji-Introduction to Endocrinology

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Fizyoloji-Introduction to Endocrinology ders notu

Fizyoloji-Introduction to Endocrinology

İstanbul Medipol Üniversitesi ENDOKRİN VE ÜROGENİTAL SİSTEM

İngilizce Diş Hekimliği Endokrin ve Ürogenital Sistem ders notudur.

Mehmet Ozansoy endokrin ve Ürogenital sistem dersi ders notudur.

Steroid type hormones are hydrophobic, so, when they are secreted into the blood stream,(they are not water soluble) so they bind to certain plasma protein most of the time they bind to albumin and they are carried by the albumin to the target tissues and organs. But in order to exert their effect on the target tissue and organ, the steroid type hormone should dissociate itself form the plasma protein/albumin, and then diffuse freely into the target cell. Same thing happens in the case of thyroid hormones, once they are synthesized and secreted into the blood stream, thyroid hormones T3 and T4 also bind to the plasma proteins for transport, and then, they have to be released from the plasma proteins in order to exert their effects on the target tissues and organs.

Endokrin ve ürogenital sistem ders notu içeriği:

  • paracrine
  • autocrine and cytokine molecules
  • endocrine system
  • control of secretion for all hormones
  • protein/polypeptide type hormones
  • steroid type hormones
  • cyclical variations in hormone release
  • clearance of hormones from the blood
  • anterior and posterior lobe hormones of pituitary
  • growth hormone
  • thyroid hormone
  • ADH /vasopressin
  • oxytocin hormones in detail

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